Beware of Scammers and Fraud


When buying a boat from a seller from this web site or any other web site or place,
be aware there are people around who wish to commit fraud.

They are termed as scammers.

They basically wish to cheat you out of your hard earned cash. offers no financial warrentees or insurance relating to your purchases.

You always deal directly and solely with the seller of any product on this website.

Be suspicious of boat or other offerings that look very cheap.

If an item looks too cheap it probably is suspect.


When buying, always make sure you are in posssession of the boat or goods BEFORE parting with cash.

What proof of ownership can the seller provide? Has VAT been paid?


Has the boat been surveyed by a competant surveyor?

Do not send payments to shippers or other third parties who supposedly are going to transport the boat to you or offer other services.

Do not send any money or payment before you have POSSESSION of the boat or product.

Get the boat or product in your possession BEFORE you make the payment.

When SELLING always get cash if you can.

If you cannot get cash, talk to your bank manager about other secure methods of payment.

If the boat is being sold overseas you may need to talk to the overseas department of your bank for secure methods of payments.

Can you obtain an Irrevocable Letter of Credit?

Payment for exports is a specialised field, treat it with respect.

If you think that you are in danger of being cheated or scammed contact your local police. have an excellent page of information on this subject and we recommend reading this.