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The Asia Tsunami Disaster
How can the Global Marine Industry help ?

This document has been prepared by Mike Derrett in order to present some ideas on how the marine industry world wide can assist in the aftermath of the Tsunami disaster of the 26th of December 2004.

The true impact of the Tsunami tidal wave is now becoming apparent and it is clear that the lives of the survivors are going to be balanced on a knife edge as they fight to overcome the immediate problems of the shortage of water, food and shelter. The follow on to these immediate problems affecting survival will be the need to re establish commerce mwhich is very dependant on the industries of fishing, marine tourismand transport using small boats.

It is apparent that the disaster has decimated the local small boat fishing and transport fleets with many boats being wrecked, sunk or badly damaged. In addition it appears that many local boatyards, service facilities and mooring jetties have been destroyed or badly damaged. This reduces the capacity for the local industry to supply new boats in the short term.
Having spent over 15 years working in the marine industry in all of the markets that have been affected I feel that there is an opportunity for the marine industry world wide to work together to provide humanitarian relief for this sector.

What is needed?
In order to relieve the suffering caused by this disaster the following appear to be a broad list of requirements that the marine industry world wide could assist with:

Boats are needed to provide immediate transport requirements of relief aid. Types of boats best suited would need to be determined but would include basic fibreglass boats that can be beached in the size range 16’ to 22’ with basic outboard motor power. These boats..............

Reconstruction of the local Industry ...................

How could this aid be provided? .....................

More ..........

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